Jack Davies (BKA Zoom) is an american superhero.

Early Life (1971-1995)Edit

Jack was born in San Diego, CA. Early into his childhood, Jack discovered he had super-speed. He used his powers to compete in various school sports, and became a sucessful athlete.

Jack joined the SFA for a short time, but soon decided it wasn't the life for him. Jack then went to college on a football scholarship, and became an incredible running back. However, after an accident that revealed his electric powers, Jack was thrown off the time and out of college.

Jack worked various jobs across California, until he was offered to become a student of the Cheetah. Jack was taught to control his powers and encouraged to use them for good. The Cheetah then set Jack up with a job as an electrician in San Fransisco. Jack donned the name Zoom and began to fight against the San Fransisco crime gangs.

Solo Work (1996-2001)Edit

Zoom fought many supervillains, including the Stingray, the Glob, Flashfire, and Rubber Man. None were a match for Zoom's powers.

Jack also fell in love with Jane Winslow and the two began to date. Jack's life as the Zoom began to get in the way and the two were soon barely able to see each other.

His life was further complicated when he first met Dr. Claw, the first person ever to defeat him. Zoom realized he needed help.

The Defenders (2001-2002)Edit

Main Article: The DefendersEdit

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