The White Ninja is a master who lived in Japan long ago

Seperation (?)Edit

At some time in ancient Japan, the White Ninja used a majical amulet that would supposedly grant him immortality. It did what it was supposed to, but at a price. The White Ninja was split into two people, the Red Ninja and the Green Ninja. The Red Ninja was his pure evil side, while the Green Ninja was his good. The two were to fight each other for eternity...

Return (2006)Edit

During the Rise of the Skull, the Red and Green Ninjas were forced to put aside their differences and work together. Their clans worked together to find the majical amulet, and they used it to reunite as the White Ninja during the final stand against the Skull. Although they helped to defeat him, the White Ninja's essence was used up and the Ninja was put to rest inside the amulet. What would happen next only time could tell...

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