The Lion was a villain who was genetically alter


Real name

Samuel Tethers




Ability to turn into a cheetah or half-human, half-cheetah. Increased speed, reflexes, strength, and stamina.





Fighting Skills






Energy P


ed into a powerful mutant. His nemisis was the Cheetah.

Before Alterations (?-1957)Edit

Little is known about the Lion's past because after his DNA was altered he lost all of his memory.

Genetic Alterations (1958)Edit

The Lion went to CLOUD to be genetically altered. He was one of the first to be tested. The alterations gave him tremendous strength, heighted speed, and near invuneralbility. It was also later shown to keep him from aging. Whatever his motives, the Lion used his new powers to turn on CLOUD and set out on his own quest to rule the world.

First Attempts of Conquest (1959-1975)Edit

In a bold first move, the Lion kidnapped the president and held him for ransom. He demanded that the U.S government turn over all of its power to him. He was suprised when the Cheetah confronted him in a warehouse. The Lion easily defeated Cheetah, for he was no match for Lion's strength. However, SFA agents followed, forcing the Lion to surrender.

Rivalry BeginsEdit

After spending 2 weeks in prison, the Lion escaped and set out to kill the Cheetah. This time, the Lion was suprised to find that the Cheetah was more than a match for him. Lion was defeated and sent to a maximum security prison. It's there he plotted his revenge...

Next AttackEdit

Breaking out of prison yet again, the Lion set out again to kill the Cheetah. This time he formed a compex plan. Assembling various Dark Starkeepers, he attacked an SFA base. When Cheetah came to the rescue, he was suprised to see all of the Lion's allies. However, with the help of SFA, the Cheetah defeated all of the Lion's allies and forced him to retreat. The Lion then went to CLOUD for help...

Third AttackEdit

Becoming a major leader of CLOUD, the Lion began to lead missions against SFA, while secretly plotting an attack on the Cheetah. He sprang his attack after nearly 3 years of plotting. Using a mystical amulet given to him by Mal, he attacked the Cheetah. Overly cocky, the Cheetah taunted the Lion. Cheetah was stunned when he realized that the amulet disabled his powers. The Lion, as part of his deal with Mal, captured the Cheetah and brought him to the Dimension. There Mal transfered Cheetah's powers into the amulet. Mal then turned on the Lion. The Lion, anticipating Mal's betrayal, summoned Draco, one of his former allies, and confronted Mal. In the confusion, the Cheetah took the amulet and used it to regain his powers. He then summoned Encanto. The two defeated the Lion, Mal, and Draco. Encanto then transported Cheetah back to Earth, leaving the Lion. Draco fled and Mal took the Lion prisoner. The Lion then cut a deal with Mal to escape. If Mal let the Lion go, the Lion would later capture the one who would defeat him and bring him/her to Mal.

Return to Earth and "Final Battle" (1980-1985)Edit

After Lion's return to Earth, he went back to plotting revenge on the Cheetah. After many more failed attempts to defeat him, the Lion decided to try one more time.

Final BattleEdit

After spending years trying to find out the Cheetah's identity, the Lion finally suceeded. Kidnapping Cheetah's wife, he fled into the African jungle and waited for Cheetah. He confronted Cheetah at the high point of Mt. Syra. They fought vigorously for hours, until Cheetah finally got the upper hand. Driven by rage, the Cheetah knocked the Lion over the edge. The Lion fell hundreds of feet below. He was assumed to be dead. His stamina powers could not save him from the fall, but his deal with Mal could. Mal kept the Lion alive, but gave him a slow regeneration rate as punishment for his failure.

Final Attack (2004)Edit

After years of recovering from his fall, the Lion set out again to kill Cheetah. This time his objective was clear, as his dept to Mal was to capture the one who would defeat him. Mal revealed to The Lion that Blacksmith was the one he needed. The Lion lured the heroes out and then defeated them. He then took Blacksmith to Mal, paying off his dept and freeing his soul. He then went back to Earth to finally kill the Cheetah. The Cheetah dodged and kept away from him. As the Lion struggled to catch the Cheetah, Tremelo changed the Lion's DNA back to normal. Overwelmed by the effect of aging and lactic acid buildup, the Lion began to die. He pleaded for the Cheetah to forgive him, telling him that the alterations had changed his mind and given him only rage. If that was true or not will probably never be told...

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