The Secret Forces of America (SFA) is a special branch of the government whose main purpose is to handle what the government can't and keep it a secret. SFA has had to act on many occasions. It has also had to team up with Heroes many times.

Creation and Golden Age (1943-1991)Edit

SFA was created after WWII, when CLOUD mutation experiments became a hazard for U.S underground operations.

SFA became a major asset to the government, and its importance continued throughout the Cold War, during which SFA had to perform covert missions alongside other special forces to end DNA experiments by various CLOUD programs.

After the fall of the CLOUD, SFA went into a 10 yr cease, as it became more and more unneeded.

Return to Duty and Fall (2001-2007)Edit

As The First Criminal Alliance gained power and began to become a threat to American society, SFA was called back to duty, under the leadership of General Flint.

With the help of the Defenders, the SFA defeated the First Criminal Alliance, seemingly killing Dr. Claw, and putting the balence of crime back into order. However, the next few years would see the rise of three new organizations:

  1. The Crime Empire, led by Dr. Claw
  1. The Skeletals, led by the Skull
  1. HOOD, led by The Enemy

The first two were eventually defeated, however, HOOD used an extremely stealthy method to take down SFA, becoming the new world power and performing horrible crimes in the name of SFA. What would happen next was up to fate...


SFA was created as a mirror image of Marvel's SHEILD. It really has a lot of the same characteristics.

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