Joe Wheeler (BKA: Racer) is an American superhero.

Childhood (1973-1984)Edit


Joe Wheeler was born in 1973 to a middle-class family in Alabama. Joe's dream was always to be a professional car driver. He drove go-carts from the age of 5. He had won various contests and races by the time he was 7.

Passion for ScienceEdit

When Joe turned 7, his class had a science contest. Although at first bored with the assignment, it was during this that he discovered his passion for science. Recieving straight A's in every class, Joe was a child prodigy. He was destined to be successful. This led to a rivalry between him and Drake Triton. The two would later be major rivals.

Teenage Years and Accident (1984-1995)Edit


Joe graduated from high school and went to college at the state university. There he met Robert "Bob" Quinton. The two quickly became best friends. They began to work on an experiment that would make them rich and famous...

The AccidentEdit

Joe and Robert were trying to create a time-machine. Spending months on research and development, they finally tested their invention on a late night in September. However, a third person was using the college lab on that night. As Robert was about to shut the generator door, an unknown person in a mask pushed him in and sealed it. Joe, fearing for his friend's life, tackled the masked man. The two fought for a short time, then the masked man knocked Joe down and turned on the machine. The masked man then quickly ran away, locking the lab doors and trapping Joe and Robert.

Joe struggled to open the generator door, while Robert yelled for him to run and save himself. An energy sphere had appeared and began to grow inside the generator. The sphere exploded.

When the parametics arrived, they found Joe underneath a pile of debris, his arm seared off. They rushed him to the hospital. He was told that Robert had been vaporized. He was lucky to be alive. The masked man he told them about was unable to be found. This badly angered Joe.

Joe was offered by SFA to have a robotic arm developed to replace his vaporized one. He accepted, on one condition: that he would be allowed to hunt down the masked man with it. SFA apporoved.

Racer is Born (1995-2000)Edit

Arm replacementEdit

Joe was given a semi-organic arm, with various add-ons, and advanced strength. It was also able to absorb solar energy and discharge it. Joe also invented a suit to wear. It included multiple other weapons and was able to withstand extreme damage. He donned the name Racer and began to track down the masked man.

New DirectionEdit

After months of looking for the masked man and no success, Racer decided to instead use his abilities to protect the innocent from people of the same nature. Racer soon gained a large amount of popularity and fought crime lords such as the Speed Demon and the Boss.

Blackshot and The CardinalEdit

While hunting down the Boss, Racer met the person who would soon become one of his biggest opponents. An assasain known as Blackshot attacked him on top of a skyscraper. Racer was suprised at how Blackshot could match all of his moves and seemed to have a weapon for each of Racer's. He was soon outmatched. He would have been beaten if not for the Cardinal. With Cardinal's help, Blackshot was forced to retreat. Seeing their obvious fighting chemistry, Racer asked Cardinal to become his perminant partner. Cardinal accepted.

Racer and The Cardinal became a major force for good, teaming many times to fight major supervillains. Over the next few years Balckshot and Racer's rivalry grew...

The Defenders (2001-2003)Edit

Rise of Dr. ClawEdit

Dr. Claw and the First Criminal Alliance became steadily more powerful. Racer and others soon found that they couldn't handle him on their own. It was out of this that the Defenders were born.

The DefendersEdit

The team was put together by Samuel Tethers (BKA: The Cheetah). He assembled Racer, Zoom, Solid, and X-Pand to combat Dr. Claw. Racer and Zoom developed a close friendship that would come into use in the later years. With the occasional help of Racer's former partner, The Cardinal, The Defenders soon gained the upper hand against Claw.

The Last BattleEdit

After 2 years of seeking out Claw's location, the defenders finally suceeded. They sieged Claw's base in California. After a brutal battle with some of Claw's "pets", the Defenders forced Claw to retreat. In a last effort against the heroes, Claw locked the Defenders inside the base and activated a nucleur reactor inside. Claw shot out in one of the escape pods, but was suprised to find it had been set to explode. Claw blew up somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Still, the Defenders had a bomb on their hands. Knowing that they couldn't escape in time, thay had to contain the bomb. X-Pand volunteered. He wrapped his body around the bomb and said his good-byes to his friends. The bomb exploded, vaporizing X-Pand. For years, Racer had to live with the fact that he had failed to save two friends...

End of the DefendersEdit

After X-Pand and Claw's demise, the Defenders disbanded. They all went into a short break from being heroes, and instead focused on other things.

Return of Claw and Crime War (2004)Edit

Begining of Crime WarEdit

Just months after the final battle, Racer was notified that Claw was alive and had began to plot another attack. This time he had created alliances with many other crime lords to create the Crime Empire. The Defenders turned to the SFA for help this time. The Hero Council was formed within the SFA, with Racer as the first leader. Another force, known as the New Criminal Alliance, broke out. Racer and the heroes found themselves in the middle of a criminal civil war.

Blackshot ReturnsEdit

Another foe of Racer's appeared shortly after the begining of the Crime War. Blackshot, a former assasain for Claw, was now leading the New Criminal Alliance. The SFA had decided to side with the NCA during the war. Racer and Blackshot made up for past conflicts and became great allies throughout the war. Racer also helped train the New Heroes. Racer was a major General in the Crime War.

The WarehouseEdit

Near the end of the war, it was revealed that Claw had been plotting to find a legendary government warehouse, said to contain some of the most secret weapons in history, the whole time. SFA intercepted Claw's plans. A race broke out to find the warehouse. Both sides eventually located it below New York. An incredible battle followed. Claw ordered a retreat, confusing both sides. Weeks of silence followed...

The End of the WarEdit

In early September, Claw launched his final attack. Using blueprints from the Warehouse, he awakened the greatest weapon ever created: The Statue of Liberty. He directed it to destroy New York City and the Heroes. Quickly gaining attention, the Statue was attacked by the Heroes. Claw's minions then joined. The result was an apocalypic battle over New York. Hothead, being the only one who could withstand a close attack, found a way inside the Statue and deactivated it. Meanwhile, Racer and Zoom fought Claw on top of a New York rooftop. Racer was knocked out, but Zoom beat him despite being stripped of his power by Claw's eye. Claw fell hundreds of strories below to his death. The war was over.

Rise of the Skull (2005-2006)Edit

Main Article: Rise of the SkullEdit

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