HOOD is an organization of crime lords united with normal criminals to eliminate mutants from the Earth.


Known members of HOOD:

  • The Enemy
  • Killswitch
  • Dusk
  • Rapture
  • Fear
  • Drake Johnson (Suicide II)
  • Fakeout
  • Electron
  • Tripwire

Formation (?)Edit

Little is known about HOOD's early history, as it was kept in secret for such a long time. At some point, The Enemy offered to free the assasain Killswitch from prison if he worked with him to eliminate mutants. HOOD was then assembled, as Killswitch and his team freed criminals that the Enemy could manipulate to meet his goals.

Fall of SFA (2007)Edit

In 2007, HOOD launched a full-scale attack against SFA. Aided by the Phantom, formerly known as the Cardinal, HOOD easily got behind SFA defenses and forced them into retreat. Using SFA technology, HOOD then turned the world against them by attacking cities in their name.

At some point HOOD also used its influence to take power in the U.S government. It was revealed that HOOD's ultimate goal was to launch a genocide of all heroes and mutants.

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