Winston Cramps (BKA: Electron) is a member of HOOD

Early Years (1972-2005)Edit

Winston was just an ordinary person, forced to resort to crime after his father's death during his childhood. Winston slowly moved up the ladder, eventually working as one of HOOD's top henchmen. During a mission to retrieve DNA from the Zoom, he and his friend were ambushed by another criminal organization. They killed his friend. Clearly outnumbered, he tried to run away with the DNA, but tripped. The DNA spilled on Winston. As the other men closed in on him, his rage grew. His eyes unleashed volts of electricity, knocking out the men and the power of two blocks. Suprised, he realized that he had absorbed Zoom's powers.

Realizing what he had become, Winston ran away. However, in the middle of the woods, Winston was attacked by SFA members and eventually subdued. He was then broke out of prison by HOOD, and given an offer to become one of their top agents. Seeing as he had no choice, Winston agreed. Donning the name Electron, he began to help HOOD secretly destroy the SFA.

Fall of SFA (2007)Edit

Electron led the attack on North Base, along with Suicide. He instantly went after Zoom, convinced that his new life was his fault. He would've killed Zoom, had he not escaped. Hearing the self-destruct alarms, Electron fled.

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