Samuel Tethers (BKA: The Cheetah) was one of the

Real name

Samuel Tethers




Ability to turn into a cheetah or half-human, half-cheetah. Increased speed, reflexes, strength, and stamina.





Fighting Skills






Energy P


greatest superheroes of the modern age. Throughout his life, he saved the Earth many times and helped train the next generation of superheroes.

Early Years (1937-1955)Edit

Samuel was born to a poor family in Atlanta, GA. His father was killed by a gunman when Samuel was only a child. This drove Samuel to become a policeman.

As his career progressed, he realized that as a policeman he couldn't catch every criminal, and could never avenge his father. Donning the name Cheetah, he took the law nto his own hands, eventually attracting the SFA with his natural speed and strength. Samuel was offered to be the first to test an experimental DNA chaging machine. Samuel refused.

Height of Career (1960-1985)Edit

However, Samuel's first encounter with the Lion changed his mind. The Lion, altered to be much stronger and faster, was able to beat the Cheetah. Samuel was afterward visited by Encanto, who gave him the ability to change into an actual Cheetah. Samuel also later found that he could stop himself halfway when changing, becoming a half-human, half-cheetah. Samuel was able to defeat the Lion during their next encounter.

Samuel's new abilitys pushed his career to new heights, as he was employed by SFA to take down many more genetically altered super-villains. The Lion still remained Cheetah's most constant rival.

Cheetah also married Brenda Johnson. The two had children and eventually grandchildren. Samuel tryed to keep his family's lives as safe and normal as possible.

As the Cheetah became more and more famous, he attracted the attention of bigger and bigger threats. The Destroyer, a world conquerer, was led to believe that the Cheetah was Earth's greatest hero, and, by galactic law, he had to kill him before he could invade Earth. Cheetah boldly accepted. He and the Destroyer fiercely battled each other. Although Destroyer was much stronger, Cheetah wore him out with his speed and eventually got the upper hand. Cheetah chose to spare Destroyer if he swore by the galactic code to never challenge Earth again.

End of Main Career (1985-2000)Edit

As Cheetah got older, his senses began to dim, and he began to lose his powers. In a final battle, Cheetah accidentally knocked the Lion over a cliff, apparently killing him. After the incident, the Cheetah offically retired.

Return to Action (2001-2006)Edit

As Dr. Claw and the First Criminal Alliance gained power, the Cheetah had no choice but to lead the Defenders against him. After Claw's defeat, Cheetah was asked by SFA to train the next generation of heroes. Cheetah led the New Heroes against the Crime Empire and  New Criminal Alliance. Samuel also trained his grand-daughter, Marrisa. She took up the name of Cheetah and fought with the New Heroes. Samuel later even had an encounter with his old nemisis, the Lion. Lion's genetic alterations had allowed him to to survive the fall from the cliff, and had also kept him from aging. The whole force of the New Herpes could not stop the Lion. He tracked down the Heroes' base and challenged the Cheetah to face him. Cheetah defeated him by stalling him long enough for Tremelo to alter his DNA, reverting him back to a normal human. The aging effect and lactic acid buildup on Lion's body killed him almost instantly. As his last words, the Lion pleaded for Cheetah to forgive him, telling him that his mind had been altered by his mutations and he had never wanted to hurt anyone. Cheetah had finally put his old enemy to rest.

Fall of SFA and death (2007)Edit

As HOOD its fatal attack against SFA, Samuel was forced to sacrifice his life so that the others could escape from the North Base. Cheetah used every ounce of his final strength to stall Suicide, while General Flint his way to the self-destruct mechanism. Cheetah's last words were: "It's not over."

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