CLOUD is an organization whose main purpose is to use mutants as weapons for world domination

Creation (1915-1945)Edit

CLOUD was created by the Nazi party, even before they came to power, to produce genetic weapons. Early experiments were unsucessful, until an unnamed scientist created a machine that could create mutants using radiation. The machine was used on Jews and POWs during the war, however most attempts resulted in death or horrible deformations.

By the end of the war, CLOUD had been cut by the Nazis, as it couldn't produce anything useful. Evidence of there ever being a CLOUD was destroyed by the Nazis. But one scientist, Sam Croswell, saved the information gained by CLOUD and set out for Russia to recreate the organization.

Success and First Attacks on SFA (1950-1975)Edit

With the help of many scientists from around the world, CLOUD used new knowledge of genetics to create safer and more reliable mutant machines. As the Cold War began, CLOUD began to sell its machines the Soviet Union. The Soviets then used CLOUD's machines to fight a secret war against SFA. Mutant DNA began to spread to more people, and mutants became major assets to both SFA and CLOUD.

End of Cold War (1987-1999)Edit

As the Soviet Union became unable to afford mutant technology, CLOUD slowly went into hiding. Many of CLOUD's leaders were captured by SFA. But this couldn't stop CLOUD from leaving its mark on the world. CLOUD was rumored to have created many of the greatest heroes (and villains) that the world had ever seen.

What will became of CLOUD is still a mystery...

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